The Satisfaction of Christ, Studies in Atonement, Arthur W. Pink, hard cover

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Pink preferred to call Christ’s work as Satisfaction, instead of Atonement, because this term best described what was accomplished. The meaning of Atonement in its basic meaning is a covering up. But using Satisfaction as the description, it is found that Christ did not merely cover up the sins of the elect, but He accomplished a complete remission of sins, so that when Christ’s work is applied to a person, there is no more remembrance of sins. It is as if the believer had never sinned. But if Atonement is used, and the basic meaning of a covering up, then the sins would remain, though they had been
covered and forgiven. Since the days of Anselm, Satisfaction was the term used by divines. Only in the last 120 years has Atonement been generally

Pink describes the death of Christ as ''the most remarkable event in all history . . . Centuries before it occurred it was foretold with an amazing fullness of detail'' (P. 9). He brings out the supernatural aspect of the coming of the Messiah, and the awesomeness that must accompany our duty to study, then to appreciate, the wonder of the suffering and death of our Savior
God. In Pink’s usual style, he rolls out Scripture after Scripture to buttress his remarks. In his expositions of the OT prophecies, and of the typical
sacrifices, one begins to unlock the mystery which was later to become somewhat clearer.

The subject is thoroughly considered, it its Source (the will of God, the eternal counsels); in its Necessity (John 3:14, 15; Matt. 16:21; Luke
24:26, etc.), in its pre-requisites, the qualifications
that a Savior must have (Heb. 2:11, 17;
10:5; Gal. 4:4); in its Nature (federal, substitutionary,
penal, sacrificial); in its Design (to glorify
God, to effect the salvation of His elect; in
its Efficacy (involving the purpose of God, the
covenant of God, the veracity of God, His power
and His justice, etc.)
In chapter 11, the author begins to open up
the Application of Christ’s work. Our Savior
must be both priest and victim, not merely passively
suffering, but as priest also applied to souls
until the end of time; its Results are Remission,
Reconciliation, Redemption, Righteousness,
Regeneration, etc.
Have you read many books on the Atonement?
Read another one, for here is a book that
will fill in many of the things left hanging by
others. This thorough, comforting discussion will
bless your soul.

Pink (1890-1953) was a Baptist Preacher in England, Australia, and the United States. He is most famous for his book The Sovereignty of God. After its advent, he, assisted by his editor Mr. I. Herendeen, launched his yearly publication, Studies in the Scriptures in 1921. These continued until his death, totaling altogether 33 volumes of 288 pp. each. Most of Pink=s books are taken from these yearly volumes (written monthly in 24 page format).  324 pages, blue hard cover


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