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Pink published Studies in the Scriptures, a monthly magazine for 33 years (288 pp. a year), the accumulated writings totaling over 10,000 pages before his death. Nearly all his books now in print are taken from those magazines.

For he took the subjects issue by issue until he completed his writing. In his expository works, he would expound a book for years (7 years on Hebrews alone), writing a portion each month. His library was of the finest quality, and he did not hesitate to quote anything he considered to be excellent. For instance, He quotes with approval from Thomas Goodwin: ‘There is a general omission in the saints of God, in their not giving the Holy Spirit that glory that is due to His person and for His great work of salvation in us, insomuch that we have in our hearts almost forgotten this Third Person.’ He continued, ‘If that could be said in the midst of the palmy days of the Puritans, what language would be required to set forth the awful spiritual ignorance and impotency of this benighted twentieth century?’

In another place, he wrote, ‘We live in an age under the blackness of darkness of the deepest hue.’ Such a dark age forms a backdrop in which dedicated, loving Christians can shine the brightest.

This book is a good antidote to the false representations of the person and work of God the Holy Spirit. Now, when all the world seems to be worshiping the beast, distortions of Scripture teaching about God the Spirit are rampant. In my early years of study, I was taught that most of the errors in doctrine can be traced to the book of Acts. Certainly the wild behavior of some, who claim they are manifesting the Spirit of God, can be at least partially due to a misconstruction of portions of the Acts.

Pink is good on anything he writes, and this book is no exception.   204 pages, blue hard cover


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