Causes of Corruption of the New Testament, Dean John W. Burgon, hard cover

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The Causes of the Corruption of the Traditional Text of the Gospels is reproduced from Dean John W. Burgon’s book, The Traditional Text of the Gospels. It is also included in the Sovereign Grace Publishers title, Unholy Hands on the Bible, Volume I, now in its third printing. Many readers of this volume have desired a reprint of this powerful expose of the multitude of errors which are embedded in the modern day versions. It is for this reason that this low-priced paperback is being produced, that the defenders of the inerrancy of the Scriptures may have an affordable book to give away.
1. Before your eyes, you will see how some errors originated.
2. Dozens of examples demonstrate the unreliability of the Egyptian manuscripts (on which  the NA/UBS Greek and nearly all modern versions in many cases depend entirely,) with their contradictions, absurdities, scientific impossibilities, and other errors inserted into their ''Holy Bible.''
3. You will see how fictitious characters happened to be inserted (such as ''Titius Justus).''
4. You will see how a sleepy Egyptian scribe skipped a line, or even two, because the lines ended in the same Greek letters.
5. Causes of many scriptural words now being deleted, or bracketed by textual critics, are explained, to their shame.
6. Corruption of the Lord’s Prayer, Matthew 6:13 (by deleting the doxology in the last words of it) is fully exposed by a simple explanation. These words appear in more than 2,000 manuscripts, are missing from only nine manuscripts. Burgon asks, How did they get into in all those mss.? You will even learn that six of the Greek words of this doxology appear exactly in the Apostle’s Paul’s heavenly doxology in 2 Timothy 4:18. Then an even more satisfying discovery may be made of why and how the modern versions make a mess of the Lord’s Prayer in Luke. See pages 40-42.
7. Burgon explains why it is absurd for the New Versions to convict Matthew and Mark of ignorance of the Old Testament in Matthew 1:7, 10; Mark 1:2. (Mark did not put Malachi’s words into Isaiah!)
8. How did some words get added to the manuscripts, especially those created in Egypt? Many examples are given to explain these.
9. Why was it the principal aim of the heretics to deny that Jesus Christ is co-equal God in the Trinity? Find the answer here.
10. How did it happen that the modern versions have the God-man bound to earth, rather than to be in Heaven at the same time? (John 3:13) See p. 99.
No such precise, helpful explanations can be found anywhere else!
Be a part of the solution by making your fellow-saints know how so many of the modern adulterations of the Scriptures originated.
We highly recommend it.

John William Burgon was born August 21, 1813. He matriculated at Oxford in 1841, taking several high honors there, and his B.A. 1845. He took his M.A. there in 1848…the thing about Burgon, however, which lifts him out of the nineteenth century English setting and endears him to the hearts of earnest Christians of other lands and other ages is his steadfast defense of the scriptures as the infallible Word of God. He strove with all his power to arrest the modernistic currents which during his lifetime had begun to flow within the Church of England, continuing his efforts with unabated zeal up to the very day of his death. With this purpose in mind he labored mightily in the field of New Testament textual criticism.
In 1860, while temporary chaplain of the English congregation at Rome, he made a personal examination of Codex B (Vaticanus), and in 1862 he inspected the treasures of St. Catherine's Convent on Mt. Sinai. Later he made several tours of European libraries, examining and collating New Testament manuscripts wherever he went…Of all the critics of the nineteenth century Burgon alone was consistently Christian in his vindication of the Divine inspiration and providential preservation of the text of Holy Scripture.     116 pages, hard cover


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